VonShef Electric Red Indoor Grill Indoor and Outdoor BBQ Barbecue Grill with 5 Temperature Settings & Built In Thermometer Gauge

  • 1600W electrically operated – no need for fire starters or gas canisters. Just plug in and cook!
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with or without the stand. Perfect for camping, caravanning, Barbecue in the garden, on the balcony or in the kitchen
  • 2/3 ribbed griddle and 1/3 hot plate cooking area – made from non-stick, easy clean aluminium
  • Variable temperature dial with 5 settings and built-in thermometer gauge
  • Manufacturer 2 Year Warranty Included

VonShef Electric Red Indoor and Outdoor BBQ Barbecue Grill

Throw a barbecue whenever and wherever you fancy with the versatile VonShef Electric BBQ Barbecue Grill. Fantastic for camping, caravanning and BBQs on the kitchen, lawn, patio, decking or balcony.

Ready to Cook

1600W electrically operated design is ready to cook instantly and there’s no need for expensive fire starters or gas canisters. All you need to rustle up mouth-watering grilled food is access to a power socket.

Equipped with variable temperature dial with 5 settings to ensure food is cooked evenly and thoroughly. There’s also a handy built-in thermometer gauge, which shows you the temperature inside the BBQ Barbecue without having to open the lid.

The grill plate is made up of 2/3 ribbed griddle which adds authentic grill lines to food and 1/3 flat hot plate. Made from non-stick, easy clean aluminium.

You won’t need to worry about bad weather putting a dampener on your BBQ Barbecue either, as the grill is also suitable for use indoors, making it perfect for all seasons. Can be used with or without the stand.

Healthy Cooking

For healthier cooking, the BBQ Barbecue comes with a removable grease collecting tray.

Contemporary red design with two wheels for portability, long 2.9 metre power cord and a utensil & condiment tray.

Size: 98 x 58 x 46cm

Grill Size: 40cm x 40cm

Weight: 11.4kg

Material: Aluminium / Plastic

Power: 1600W

Lowest Price: £39.99
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