Tuuli Beach Towel Pegs 4pcs High Quality Large Towel Clips for Sunbeds Sun loungers Keep Beach Accessories in Place Colorful Design 2 Shark Pink + 2 Parrot Turquoise

  • Tuuli Beach Towel Pegs are of high quality and will protect your beach accessories for many summer seasons to come
  • Use Tuuli Pegs to clip beach bags, beach shoes, flip flops, sunglasses, t shirts, baseball cap to sunbed sunlounger fence or yacht rail
  • Ideal companions for windsurfing waterskiing wakeboarding and other water sports and extreme sports
  • Package contains 2 pegs design Tuuli Shark Pink + 2 pegs Tuuli Parrot Turquoise

Description: Tuuli Beach Towel Clips will guard your beach towel and other beach accessories from the wind by firmly holding it to the sunlounger, sunbeds, yacht rails, deck, chair or fence. Use them to guard your beach towels, magazines, books, handbags, beach bags, sunglasses, hats, baseball caps, t shirts or just to provoke envy looks on the beach! Tuuli clips will keep everything firmly and neatly in place. Package content: 1 package contains 4 pegs – 2 pegs in design Shark Pink – 2 pegs in design Parrot Turquoise Additional information: Tuuli Clips are larger than most clips making possible to grip most objects and surfaces from simple sunloungers to large fence and yacht rails. They are tested to withstand very strong wind and are of high quality with special emphasis made on details and design.

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