Treqkr 4 piece stainless steel travel utensil set (knife, fork, spoon and bottle opener). Comes with pouch. Ideal for camping, hiking, travelling or eating on the go.

  • Durable and versatile cutlery set – knife, fork, spoon and bottle opener
  • Made out of high quality 504 stainless steel for years of use
  • The bottle opener doubles as a holder for the cutlery – keeping everything together
  • Comes in a pouch to keep organised and to cover sharp edges
  • Perfect for camping, frequent car travellers, hiking trips or office lunches

Designed to last

The strong steel and the thickness of the material ensure that your utensil set will not bend or warp in normal use. This means there is no need to worry about bent fork tines or unexpected sharp edges. This knife, fork and spoon set is also much more durable and pleasant to use than plastic cutlery. As it can be reused indefinitely it certainly is a more environmentally friendly alternative. All it needs is a wash and dry before it is ready again!

Keep everything super organized

The knife, fork and spoon are stored in the holder, which is also a bottle opener. By organising them in this way, they will stay together and you will not have any loose cutlery in your lunch bag or backpack. In addition, the set also comes with a pouch to keep everything clean and to prevent any edges from catching on the fabric or contents of your bag.

Suitable for many occasions

Haven’t you been in the office with no fork or spoon to eat your lunch with or have had to prepare your kid’s sandwich on the go? Keeping one of these sets in your car,desk drawer or lunch box will make sure that you never get caught out again. It also means that you can leave your good silverware at home. Of course, this set is also perfect for camping, hiking or fishing trips where you can take full advantage of all the utensils in the set.

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