Toyota Hiace 8 Litre Portable Power Pressure Washer

  • Ideal for washing cars, 4x4s, trucks, vans, caravans, motor homes, boats, windows & conservatories, camping, garden etc.
  • Hand powered portable pressure washer including accessories
  • Ideal for cleaning your car/bike/caravan, cleaning windows at home and even watering the garden
  • 8 litre capacity 2.5m hose
  • No Electric use, and SAVE water (Perfect for anyone on a water meter)

This portable power washer is great to have, use it around the home, campsite or docks.

With its simple hand pump operation you can create up to 40 psi cleaning power, ideal for cleaning all motor vehicles, caravans, boats, trailers and bicycles.

You can also use this to spray fences or water the garden.

Supplied with trigger operated hand grip, 1 adjustable spray nozzle, 2.5m (8ft) hose, soft bristle brush, long reach lance and handy shoulder strap.

Please note that this product will not clean your vehicle as an electric pressure washer would do, it is purely for those unable to use an electric pressure washer at your leisure.

***Style and Colour may vary from those displayed.

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