Romix Premium Pocket Blanket / Compact Picnic, Beach, Outdoor, Camping Blanket Made From Premium Soft and Lightweight Waterproof Material for Camping / Traveling / Hiking

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT – Perfect size 140cm X 170cm for traveling, hiking, camping or for just a lazy day at the beach or park! Hook it onto your bag, or simply put it in your pocket! IDEAL SIZE 160 – The picnic blanket was designed to fit 2 persons comfortably, but it can fit up to 4 persons.
  • DURABLE & WATERPROOF – The material of this blanket is completely durable and waterproof, a perfect companion for your adventures in nature! It’s a multi-purpose blanket – it can keep you dry from wet ground (moisture proof), and you can also use it as an improvised shelter from the rain (improvised Rain Fly) or simply as an emergency pad & gear to have around.
  • EASY TO FOLD, EASY TO CARRY & EASY TO USE! The blanket has corner pockets you can fill with sand to keep it windproof, or you may use the pockets to put your belongings in, if you want to protect them from the sunshine. The pocket loops at each corner are ready for camping stakes.
  • MATCHING ACCESSORIES – The blanket comes with matching colored pouches and carabiners. Go outdoors in style!
  • Carry this item easily and use it With Your Family, Couple and Friends Any Where

Get comfortable, anywhere, anytime in nature!


Carry this small, waterproof blanket with you on your outdoor activities & adventures. Hook it onto your bag, or simply carry it in your pocket!

It fits 2 people comfortably, but can fit up to 4 people! Multi-purpose – Folds simply and fits nicely into your pocket!

– Use it anywhere, anytime outdoors – on hikes, on picnics, for camping, for travels, at the beach or park, at festivals, at concerts, and other activities and adventures.

Use it as a waterproof blanket, as an improvised shelter from rain, or simply carry it with you in case you need a waterproof barrier!

The blanket includes pocket folds on each edge – so that you can put sand/ rocks inside to keep it from flying away on a windy day; or simply to put your belongings inside the pockets to keep your things safe from the sunshine!

The blanket also has corner-loops at each edge – ready to be used for stakes to keep it in place.

Simple & stylish.

These lightweight, waterproof blankets are perfect for your travels. Not only are they small and easy to carry, they also come in different colors which have matching accessories! This product includes: – a waterproof blanket – a pouch to carry the blanket – matching carabiners.

Order your blankets now while the discount lasts! 

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OUTDOOR FREAKZ Outdoor cutlery and camping cutlery foldable made of stainless steel (green)

  • CAMPING CUTLERY – Made for all Outdoor-Fans who like tools without any poppycock! Reduced to the essentials gadgets: spoon, knife, fork and bottle opener in a weatherproof neoprene bag with a transport carabiner!
  • STAINLESS STEEL – This camping cutlery is suitable for all weather situations: The cutlery is made of stainless steel, the bag is made of high-performance neoprene!
  • NEOPRENE BAG and CARABINER – The camping cutlery comes in a high performance neoprene bag and a transport carabiner which makes the transport in a backpack very easy, even if it is still wet from the last washing up in a mountain brook.
  • SPACE-SAVING & LIGHTWIGHT – Measurements 10.7 cm and 130g.
  • OPTIMIZED FOR OUTDOOR PROFESSIONALS – The camping cutlery is made for all outdoor areas, its length of 18 cm makes it perfect for your kitchen too.

Outdoor camping cutlery from OUTDOOR FREAKZ

Traveling the world and you never have the right cutlery?
With this outdoor cutlery you are always well prepared: Whether you are camping, climbing, traveling, having a BBQ or backpacking, the right cutlery set is now always with you!
Minimized to perfection, it only contains the most important tools:

– spoon
– knife
– fork
– bottle opener
Highest quality for highest demands:

The cutlery set is made of stainless steel and comes with a weatherproof bag made of high-performance neoprene. With 130 gram this cutlery travel kit is a real lightwight.

Big advantage: The cutlery set can be stowed in the waterproof neoprene bag, even if it is still wet from the last washing up in a mountain brook. With the additional carabiner the transport is so easy!
No unnecessary Gadgets

We just added the most important gadgets to this cutlery-set, no unnecessary gadgets will take space:

Small, light and durable!
From us for you!

This is a product of “OUTDOOR FREAKZ”, made for you, people who love outdoor activities, to improve and simplify your outdoor life. All you have to do now is to enjoy the experience!

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5m Suction Hose Pressure Hose 1 1/2 Inch (38mm) – Made in Europe

  • Rigid PVC spiral and smooth inside for delivery and suction of liquids.
  • Wall Thickness 2.8mm with 350g/m and a Bending Radius of 210mm.
  • Working pressure at 20°C: 6 bar, Vacuum: 6 m.H2O, Length 5m of -5°- 60°C
  • Free of toxic softener, therefore for delivery and suction of all liquids..
  • The product is manufactured by a leading hose producer in Italy.

The flexible suction hose made of PVC is reinforced by a spiral made of solid PVC.
The suction hose can even be used without any problem as a pressure hose and is perfectly suited for the connection to our pond pumps and domestic waterworks.

High-performance scope:
• Drainage of the cellar
• Lowering of ground water
• For the use on ships
• For emergencies in case of flooding
• Pond cleaning

Special features:
• Free of DOP (dioctyl-phthalat)-containing plasticizers
• Free of lead
• Free of cadmium
• Excellent UV resistance
• microbial growth not possible
• resistant to hydrolysis

The hose´s range of temperature is between -5°C and +65°C, the surface is slightly ribbed and the diameter is 38 mm (1 1/2″). The hose measures 5 m of length.

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