Paracord 550 100 ft. (30 m) – ideal for outdoor living, camping, gardening, or braiding into bracelets: buy it now! (White)

  • Extremely tear-resistant parachute cord – for handicrafts and braiding bracelets or dog collars
  • Diameter: 4 mm
  • High-quality nylon kernmantle rope. Overall length 100 feet = 30 metres
  • Also suitable for use camping, in the garden and outdoors.
  • 7 core threads = very durable

Parachute cord bracelets and keychains are this season’s big trend! Included: 30 metres of high-quality paracord rope.

+ many different uses
+ suitable for braiding bracelets, keychains, collars (dog collars)
+ ideal for use outdoors, camping, fishing, or in survival kits
+ does not rot
+ abrasion-resistant
+ above-average breaking strength
+ the outer layer consists of multiple closely interwoven threads that give the cord a smooth, uniform surface

THE parachute cord for every situation!

The rope has a diameter of 4mm. The string’s outer layer is made of nylon. There are 7 core threads inside to ensure high durability.
Instructions for tying knots and other use suggestions can be found online or here on Amazon.

We would like to explicitly point out that this cord is for craft or leisure purposes and is not suitable for climbing or skydiving!

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THE CHEMICAL HUT® Strong Blue Waterproof Tarpaulin Ground Sheet Covers For Camping, Fishing, Gardening & Pets – 3.5m x 4.5m / 12ft x 15ft – Comes With TCH Anti-Bacterial Pen!

  • Ideal for camping groundsheets, shelters, fishing, hunting or for anything that needs protecting from harsh weather.
  • These tarpaulins are rot, mildew and shrink proof. Easy to handle and transport due to the lightweight material.
  • UV resistant and waterproof to protect from harsh weather conditions.
  • Can be used as cover for trailers, cars, boats, bikes, and caravans when not in use.
  • Please note finish size is slightly shorter than the cut size as advertised, due to the edging fold.

Designed to make asbestos removal safer and more convenient. Ideal for non-licensed asbestos removal.

From the drop down menu please select the amount of Asbestos waste bags and flat fold masks that you require, and also select the size coverall you require.

Asbestos Waste Bags

These Asbestos removal bags are fully UN certified and meet the new 2014 legislation for Asbestos Waste.
They measure 900mm x 1200mm and can hold up to 30kg of rubble.
It is a requirement that all asbestos waste is double bagged (waste goes into the red bag first, and after securely sealing, the red bag is then placed into the clear bag and securely sealed).

Disposable Coverall

These overalls meet the requirements to be used in the Asbestos industry as they are Category 3, Type 5 & 6 and are also Ideal for industrial and domestic painting, decorating and cleaning tasks.
Complete with a 2 way zip front with storm flap, these coveralls benefit from elasticated cuffs, ankles, waist and hood.Made from breathable fabric, these come individually packaged and are very economical.

Flat Fold Mask

Valved P3 respirator masks are designed specially for protection when hazardous and toxic dust particles, fumes and mists may be present.
Conforms to EN149 2001

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Green Jem Professional 16oz Fibre Shaft Rubber Mallet Hammer Gardening Camping

  • Professional 16oz rubber mallet by Green Jem
  • With rounded rubber head and fibre glass handle
  • Black anti-slip grip on the handle for safe, comfortable use
  • Ideal for laying paving, camping or using around the garden
  • Professional quality mallet essential for every tool box

This professional quality mallet has a 16oz black rounded rubber head
which is attached to an orange fibre glass handle. The handle has a
black anti-slip grip to the bottom which is shock absorbing and ensures
safety and comfort when in use. An essential for every tool box, this
mallet is ideal for a variety of uses around your home and garden.
Perfect for laying paving and tapping in tent pegs and supports whilst
camping. A similar 32oz mallet is also available in our online store.

Approximate measurements:
Rounded rubber head diameter – 6cm (2.5″)
Total length of mallet – 35cm (14″)
Length of handle grip – 17.5cm (7″)
Weight of head – 16oz (473g)

Lowest Price: £10.55
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