Simpome Flexible Waterproof Portable USB LED Light Rope with 6000mAh Power Bank for Outdoor Camping, Travel Adventure,Safety Light,Cool White,1.8 Meter

  • Night Safety Light:Wrap it on your body to warn drivers or other people when you ridding or jogging in the night.
  • Perfect Adventure and Camping Partner: LED light rope is bright enough and easy to apply outdoor. Hook it on tree, string it on the grass, hang it on the tent is OK.
  • VERSATILE: Can be used for outdoor and indoor activities, like, night riding, picnic, garage, light, closet lighting, safety, emergency, adventure and TV/ Computer backlight.
  • Easy to Carry: Silica gel coat get it soft and curly flexible. Fragile is not the label of light. Carry it is just like a rope. Rip-stop nylon lantern bag can storage the light accessories.
  • Package Includes: Simpome 1.8 Meter(5.9ft)LED rope Light(cool white), 6000mAh Power Bank, rip-stop nylon lantern bag, 4 slider magnets, 4 noodle ties

Old and inconvenient flashlight maybe the only illumination for many people’s outdoor activities. Take a look at Simpome: the flexible, convenient, waterproof and ultra bright light, which can be hung, strung, hooked, stuck to or wrapped around basically anything.

Perfect Adventure or Camping Illumination

The Simpome LED light can provide all your camping light needs. No matter white light or lantern mode, your tent and campsite can be illuminated perfectly. You can hang, stick or string it anywhere, so headlamp is no need. Own this one waterproof outdoor LED light means you have both a lantern and a string light.

Amazing Useful Light

Play your imagination, according to your wishes, to create a new use. You can fixed it by built-in 4 slider magnet. Stick it on car, TV/ PC back, mirror, handrail, fences, door or other anything you can image. Other 4 noodle ties help you make the light into various shapes, such as, round, heart, square, triangle, butterfly, flower and so on.

No hesitate, adding it into your cart. Is there anything can be more suitable for outdoor activities and domestic than this bright, beautiful and light LED light rope?


Simpome Portable USB Light Rope
Light Output: 600 Lumens
Weight: 91g(3.21oz)
Length: 1.8 Meter(5.9ft)
USB Input: 5W(5V,1A)

Lithium 6000mAh Power Bank
Battery Capacity: 6000 Ah(Li-ion)
Weight: 180g(5.99oz£©
Input: Micro USB 5W(5V, 1A)
Dimensions: 9.5 *7* 2.2cm
Output: USB 10W(5V,1A)
Material: Case-ABS

Lowest Price: £25.98
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