Sidekick BBQ Grill Brush 30 centimetres with heavy duty bristles. Great for cleaning any BBQ.

  • HANDY SIZE – The Sidekick BBQ Cleaning Brush is 30 centimetres long, which is the ideal length to quickly and effectively clean all the nooks and crannies of your grill.
  • DURABLE – It is made of strong twisted wires, ensuring that it can handle any burnt food that is stuck on the grill. Also comes with a nifty hanging strap for easy storage
  • CLEAN FAST – Built to last and easy to use, this eliminates the need for hard scraping and chemical use to prevent any damage to your grill.
  • CLEAN GRILL – Use this brush to keep your grill looking great and your food tasting superb.
  • PORTABLE – A must-have for all your grilling needs! Perfect for camping, picnics, travelling in the RV, and even cooking at home.

The Sidekick BBQ Cleaning Brush is the perfect addition for anyone who loves grilling. Keep your grills clean with this handy but heavy-duty brush designed to get rid of the toughest of burnt food that has stuck on your grill. Its 30 centimetre long handle ensures that you can easily clean all the corners and in between the grill. Keep your grill clean and your food tasty!

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