Portable Cooler Bag Huge Picnic Bag Insulated Cold/Warm Box for Camping Hiking Fishing Travel BBQ, Car Storage ( 10L )

  • ♥Multi-function: food warehouse inside the use of aluminum foil material, through the PE cotton insulation both cold insulation function. Environmental safety, direct contact with food, there are insulation, preservation, cold function.
  • ♥Wide application: can store rich food. Keep warm: pizza and other cooked food (2-3 hours). Keep cold: store ice and drink, breast milk, etc., can always enjoy delicious meals and snacks outdoors.
  • ♥Durable: Oxford cloth by relaxation, alkali, dyeing, anti-static, coating and other treatment, with a light texture, soft to the touch, good water resistance, durability and other advantages, to extend the service life.
  • ♥Easy to carry: Foldable for easy carrying, easy to store and easy to use, while the strap adjustable length, so that you or your child can be used in the family, office and car.
  • ♥Large capacity: more than 10L in size enough for home use, shop beer, beverages, fresh meat, fruit, ice cream, seafood, takeaway food.


Ice pack is a kind of constant temperature effect of the package can be cold / heat, the product insulation layer for the Oxford cloth + aluminum foil foil, providing a good insulation effect; products can be folded, easy to carry.
Scope: candy, lunch boxes, drinks, fruit, fresh meat, ice, breast milk, debris and so on.
Storage scene: car storage, travel admission, home storage.

Product parameters:

Colour: Black
Material: Oxford cloth
Weight: 220g
Size: 11.5 * 10.5 * 5inch
Backband width 0.98inch (27-50inch adjustable)
Folding Packaging Size: 13 * 11 * 3inch

Package Contains:

Storage package * 1
Strap * 1
Packing: PE bag packaging


1、Disable the fire contact or sharp cutting tool.
2、 To avoid long-term in the rain, wet, sun exposure environment will affect the insulation effect.
3、Ice cream and other easy to melt food, refer to the proposed storage of 30-60 minutes.
4、The effect of insulation depends on the changes in the ambient temperature, the contents of the number of the original temperature and other changes may be.

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