Paciffico Outdoor Canvas Hammock Swing Hardened Curved Sticks Folding Portable Red Double Travel Camping Hammock Equipment

  • Canvas fabric,texture close,wear-resisting,close thick,durable and comfortable material
  • Hammock is 102 x 39 Inches,cloth size:75 x 39 Inches,bending length:15.7 Inches
  • Maximum support weight:200kg,accommodates two adults
  • Equipped with the same color to receive bag, convenient to carry.Two tied rope, one length of one meter.The most important thing is having bold hoop,wear-resisting, durable and safe
  • Perfect for picnics,beaching,outdoor outing,home,garden.It is a good choice to use this hammock when doing activities with friends or family

Hanging hammock support point must be strong,hanging height of not more than 1M,to prevent accidental fall injury,the use of the process should not be excessive force, please check the hammock rope before use,tie the rope pull the shorter the better.Please pay attention to personal safety during leisure and entertainment

Total length:102 x 39 Inches(260cm x 100 cm )
Cloth size:75 x 39 Inches(190cm x 100 cm )
Bending length:15.7 Inches(40cm )
Red stripe,blue stripe

Package include:
1 x Hammock
2 x Tied rope
1 x Receive bag

Lowest Price: £21.75
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