Outdoor Cooler Bag With 3 Ice Pack Can Insulated 10-24 Hous

  • Cooler Bag :Oxford Cloth + Tin Foil ,Thickened Buffalo Cloth,Size:27cm * 17cm * 24cm
  • Ice Pack/Fresh Ice Packs:PE+PA,400ml
  • The Ice Pack can be used repeatedly.safe, does not form pollution.
  • Can Keep Cooler and Warmer
  • Please put about 400ml water into ice pack(If put too much water into the water when the water becomes ice easy to expand the destruction of the product),Please put the ice packs Into the freezer room full pre-cooling for 12 hours, according to the need for use as a frozen medium.


1, frozen fresh: for biochemical reagents, fruits, fresh, cold meat, cakes, plasma, vaccines, aquatic products, ornamental fish and fresh food long-distance refrigerated constant temperature transport.
2, medical treatment: for patients with high fever, anti-inflammatory pain, cold beauty, sprain, falls, bleeding and suppurative therapy.
3, low temperature storage: storage and energy saving, in the refrigerator can be released when the cooling capacity, to maintain a certain period of time refrigerator refrigerated temperature

 Ice pack performance:

 1, the ice bag selection of high-tech biological materials from the preparation, clean non-toxic, rich in a certain flexibility, was colloidal.
2, the product of high cold capacity, good cold performance.
3, widely used, safe, does not form pollution.
4, The Ice Pack can be used repeatedly

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