Outdoor Beach Resistant To Moisture Double Face Aluminum Foil Children’s Pad Crawl Picnic Blanket Foldable 200 * 250cm

  • Material: double-sided aluminum + pearl cotton
  • Weight: 400 (g) Specifications (L * W): 200 * 250 (cm)
  • For a picnic, camping, barbecue parties, beach, trail, garden options
  • Has been folded, saving space, easy to carry
  • This product is shipped from China and is expected to arrive for 15-20 day

This can be washed quickly and with a damp cloth.
Color: Silver
Features: Camping as the bottom of the protection of the tent from wear, moisture and soil; dining out when dining, double-sided aluminum easy to wash; children crawling mat, not afraid of children wet, clean with a clean; , Packaging small size.

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