Mountain Warehouse Water Bottle – 1 Litre – Camping Metallic Aluminium Drinking Drinks Flask + Karabiner Red

  • Metallic finish aluminium
  • Leak proof rubber seal
  • Karabiner attached
  • 1 Litre capacity Lightweight
  • Walking Hiking Camping

The 1L metallic bottle with karabiner is made of 100% safe aluminium with a glossy metallic finish. This practical everyday essential is lightweight and portable with a karabiner to clip it to your rucksack or bag. With a leak proof seal it is perfect for walking, camping, picnics and more. 1L Capacity – holds a litre of liquid Metallic – gloss finish aluminium is safe, lightweight and durable Karabiner – a large clip that can be attached to any number of things including rucksacks or bag straps Leak Proof – rubber seal in the lid to help prevent leakage Please Note – this bottle is not dishwasher safe Dimensions – 25.5cm(H) x 8cm(W) Weight – aprox. 140grams

Ref: 016884.170620

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