Mountain Warehouse Camping Travelling Tea Cofee Mug with Karabiner Handle Red

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium karabiner
  • Ideal for travelling & camping
  • Keeps drinks hot

The Mountain Warehouse Mug with Karabiner is a stainless steel mug with a tough karabiner handle. The karabiner handle allows you to attach your mug to your belt loops or rucksack providing you with easy access. The mug also has a strong double walled steel construction which keeps drinks hot or cold for longer. Composition – The mug is designed in hardwearing double walled steel, to keep your beverages hotter for longer Handle – The karabiner handle allows for easy access whilst active, along with simple atatchment to rucsacks, belts, bungee cords, etc Lightweight – Great for packing and travelling, with no extra bulk Great For – Great for hiking, trekking and camping

Ref: 015791.170620

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