Morpilot Portable 5ft LED Strip Light Rope with 4400 Power Bank Lantern Waterproof Used in Light Rope Mode and Lantern Mode for Camping Hiking Emergencies Garage Night Closet Lighting etc

  • Ultra Bright: 5 ft. (1.5 m) LED strip produces 180 lumens of light.Need some string lights to light up your party at the beach, backyard or park? The Light works great. Use the lantern mode to light up your space or the noodle mode to create the perfect ambiance lighting.
  • Hang Anywhere: universal ties, magnets,utility loop for easy hanging.Additionally with the built-in magnets, you can stick it to the side of your car or picnic table and light up your night time activites. With 180 lumens spread over 26 LEDs, it provides enough light to read without creating any of those irritating hot spots like a headlamp or flash light.
  • Lantern Mode: Rip-stop nylon carry bag designed to diffuse light.In the included rip-stop nylon bag,Light acts just like a lantern by diffusing light and spreading it 360 degrees. Just wrap Light around any USB battery pack,turn it on,and stuff it in.
  • Safety Light for Night Activities:Being a pedestrian in the city at night can be dangerous. It works as a great night safety light illuminating you in all directions. Wrap the light around yourself before you go on that bike ride and you’ll definitely be noticed. Not only will you be turning heads with this cool light, you’ll also be visible from a distance.
  • Waterproof: IP-67 rated (up to 1 meter for 30 minutes).Includes Lithium 4400 rechargeable USB battery pack

Product Description:
Take a look at any lantern on the market today and you will just see a reboot of the lanterns people have been using for millennia. The Morpilot lattern light world’s first completely waterproof, flexible, ultra-bright ambient lighting solution that can be hung, strung, hooked, stuck to or wrapped around basically anything.

Use the light at home!:

The number of ways to use the light is only limited by your imagination. With built-in magnets, it can easily be used as patio lighting and is a must for garage projects. Just open up the hood of your car and magnet the light straight to your car. If your TV has a USB port(most new TVs do), just connect the light to it and now you have a backlit TV or monitor that turns on/off with the screen.

Use the Light on your next adventure!

The Light serves all your camping light needs. Used in either lantern mode or noodle mode, you get the perfect tent light or camping lantern to illuminate your campsite. No need for a headlamp when you can hang, stick or string 180 lumens of light anywhere. This waterproof outdoor LED lighting setup ensures you are always well lit! The light is not your generic lantern, it gives you the flexibility of having both a lantern and a string light in one product.

The light can be used in two ways:

Light Rope Mode

Take the light out of it’s bag and unwrap the 5 ft or 10 ft of LEDs and strap it, magnet it, or loop it to whatever you have handy!

Lantern Mode

Rip-Stop Nylon Lantern Bag

In the included rip-stop nylon bag,it acts just like a lantern by diffusing light and spreading it 360 degrees. Just wrap Light around any USB battery pack, turn it on, and stuff it in.

Lowest Price: £31.98
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