Lawnmower pull cord chainsaw trimmer recoil line 100% nylon UV Stabilised 3.5MM x 2M

  • How many times do you want to do this job? – Manufactured in the UK.
  • 16 Plait diamond braid – correct diameter for lawnmower motors
  • 100% Nylon core
  • UV Stailised
  • 2 Year guarantee – Fast delivery!

High quality 3.5mm diameter engine starter rope. 2 year warranty guarantee because we know this cord will last. 100% Industrial grade nylon yarn, 16 plait diamond braid with a nylon core and UV stabilised! Our cord will not snap like polyester cords do. There is some science, a very small stretch due its construction. This absorbs the shock when your cold engine is pulled over. Polyester cords have no give and snap at this point, especially when damp! Our cord has been tested and has been proven to last. How many times to you want to do this job?? Buy quality here

Lowest Price: £6.99
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