Keith 450ml Folding Handle Titanium Mug Camping Hiking Double Wall Mug with Plastic Cover(Ti3341)

  • Double wall heat insulation anti-scald Fodling hand grip cup with plastice lid
  • Material:Titanium ;Surface:Titanium Original Color
  • Material of plastic lid:The newest US food level material Tritan.Material of the seal:Baby food level Silicon
  • Dimensions:(D)85x(H)113mm;158g.Capacity:450ml
  • Ultralight,protable,durable,foldable and healthy,eco-friendly close to human body

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Surface:Titanium Original Color
Ti3341:(D)85x(H) 113mm;158g.Capacity:450ml
Ti3343:(D)85*(H) 106mm;148g.Capacity:450ml
Ti3351: (D)70x(H) 80mm;90g.Capacity:220ml
Ti3352: (D)79x(H) 88mm;123g.Capacity:300ml
Ti3356: (D)96.5x(H) 114mm;195g.Capacity:600ml
Ti3357: (D)96.5*(H) 107mm;181g.Capacity:600ml
Place of Origin: China

1.Pure titanium,lightweight and stronger than steel.
2.Never rust,anti-corrosion from acid and alkali.
3.High resistance to extreme low and high temperature.
4.Good heat transfer performance.
5.Healthy,eco-friendly close to human body.

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