Double-sided Aluminum Film Picnic Moisture-proof Pad Large Thick Aluminum Foil Tent Cushions Outdoor Camping Mats

  • Fabric advantage, asleep comfortable, easy to clean easily
  • Size 300 * 300 * 0.25cm, small size, easy to carry
  • Uses: Park, beach beach, suburban picnic, city square green space
  • Aluminum foil pad put inside the tent to use it is moisture-proof pad, aluminum foil pad on the ground is the picnic mat
  • Material: Aluminum EVA

Material: Aluminum EVA
Size: 118.1 * 118.1 inches
Fabric: DM150302
Applicable number: 4 people
Moisture-resistant pad type: aluminum pad
Sports outdoor projects: mountain, camping, moisture mat, floor mats, picnic mats
Color: silver white

Lowest Price: £27.99
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