Cooler Bag (Medium)

  • Beautiful designed, colourful large or medium cool bag
  • Large foam handles, medium has cloth handles
  • Large has a side pocket
  • Both have fitted zippers
  • Keeps food and drinks cool

We have two types of cool bag, one large and one medium size. These coolers bags are beautifully designed with colourful green and white stripes. The large bag has rounded white handles with a comfortable foam section to make it easy to transport. It incorporates a fitted zipper and with a side pocket to hold bottles etc. The dimensions of the large bag are as follows: length 370 x width 260 x height 330mm. The medium sized bag also has a fitted zipper and cloth handles. The dimensions of the medium bag are as follows: length 260 x width 290 x height 230mm. These bags are designed to keep food and drinks cool on a picnic or when going to the beach. Both bags give a summer feel to any occasion. Ideal for picnics, going to the beach, outdoor festivals, boating etc. Large: (L) 370 x (W) 260 (H) 330mm, 590g Medium: (L) 260 x (W) 290 x (H) 230mm, 450g The Caravan Supermarket has 35 years experience in the caravan and camping industry and is based in Birmingham. The Caravan Supermarket is committed to offering its caravan and camping customers a secure and enjoyable shopping experience. We provide quality caravan and camping accessories at clear and competitive prices by including VAT in the marked price and by offering a free delivery. We give our customers a great service along with expert advice and peace of mind that comes from a 90 day no hassle returns policy. We engender the holiday spirit and want to play a small part in enriching that spirit.

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