Collapsible Water Bucket Camp Bucket, NATUCE Ultralight Folding Wash Basin Carrying Pouch Travel Outdoor Camping Hiking Storage Pouch 15L – Rose Red

  • Good Waterproof and Thermostability Material, after being filled with water, it will stand on flat ground that will not fall down.
  • Portable folding basin ,light weight and small package will bring you much convenience without any carrying burden,the best travel partner.
  • Light Weight and getting the smallest storage volume, convenient to fill in the attached small bag, you even can not feel its existing.
  • Inner: a layer of waterproof PEVA fabric, without stitching. Easy to clean after use. External: durable thick oxford cloth, water repellent.
  • Can be used as a wash bowl while you have a family picnic, a storage container while fishing, a footbath basin to relief yourself on a travel or business trip. Used for collecting water, sand, small fish etc.

Multifunctional Durable Leak-proof Folding Bucket

Extremely easily and fast set up and fold down, quick-drying and tear-resistant washbasin will contribute to your fantastic outdoor experience.
Great for backpacking or when you have a ways to travel to reach potable water.
Great as receptacle to hold filtered water – insert filter into stream, pump into water bag, bring back to camp site.
Great ideal for Camping, Picnic, Hiking and other outdoor activities; Can be used for collecting water, sand, small fish etc.

Outer Fabric: Oxford Cloth; Inner Layer: Nontoxic PEVA.
When Opened: 29cm * 30cm * 19cm
When Folded: 10cm * 27cm
Capacity: 15L

Lightweight, durable, rugged, portable folding basin, high-strength thick oxford cloth material, waterproof does not collapse after the inner layer of waterproof layer of environmental protection, the basin can be resistant to 70¡ãhot water.

Features: Double protection, the inner layer of a single piece of Cordura fabric, non-adhesive, never leak water, can withstand 60-degree water.
The outdoor layer is deep gray, anti-tear, ultra light nylon, super anti-dirt, so the basin is suitable for various occasions.

Travel necessary for a very convenient folding wash wash box, you can buy more than one same color as different purposes. Each pouch is equipped with folding basin.

Lowest Price: £6.98
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