Bid Buy Direct® 4Pc Large Metal Barbecue Kebab Skewers with Wooden Handles – Vegetable, Meat, Barbecue & Cooking – 38cm Kebab Sticks | Heavy Duty Metal with Wooden Handles!

  • Bid Buy Direct® Pack of 4 Metal Barbecue Large 38cm Skewers with Chrome Finished and Wooden Handles – Made from Food Grade Metal
  • Wooden Handles Large Skewers – Protects Hands whilst Cooking | Easy to Wash | Perfect for Kebabs, Vegetables, Meat, etc
  • Great to use for Picnics, Camping, Barbecues, Outdoor Dine | Ideal to use with Marshmallows when Camping
  • Heavy Duty – Strong and Durable to use for years | Wood Handles Designed to ensure it does not Slip or Spin on the Barbecue
  • Can be used for Roasting or Grilling Meats or Fish | Helps making Perfect Kebab

Bid Buy Direct®4Pc Metal Barbecue Skewers.

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