8.3” Pro Stainless Steel Barbecue BBQ Grill Brush

  • EFFORTLESS CLEANING: Crafted with strong steel 0.02” scraper, bushy stainless steel bristles combined with a long high quality plastic handle, Be prepared to clean every bit of residue, keeps your grill looking and functioning like new!
  • DURABLE: No rust brass bristles,There are no bristles to wear down or fall off. Will not bend or become flimsy. This grill brush will last longer with a guarantee of a durable and effortless usage.
  • OPTIMAL HANDLE LENGTH: Keep your hands away from the heat generated by the barbeque grill, at the same time making it easier for you to apply as much pressure as you can.
  • Makes removing grate residue easy,Ideal for backpacking, camping, in the RV, at home, and even for your restaurant.
  • Then, join the shopping cart and start your rave party

Have you ever tried having BBQ party with your friend and family while the barbecue grill is dirty with greasy bits and grime ,
casting a damp over the whole party. With this effective, strong and durable grill brush,
you can easily clean each and every spot , make the BBQ job easy and happy.
Throw away your cheapo scouring pads, wire wool and dirty rags and get a Pro Grill Brush.
The steel scraper loosens any stubborn bits clinging to your barbecue grate and the brass bristles cut through and removes grime.
Cleaning your grill before and after cooking will ensure that your grill maintains an even cooking temperature
and does not retain any unwanted taste or contamination.

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