2in1 Fan and Camping Lantern – IMAGE 18 LED hanging/standing Ventilator – bright, portable Garten Lamp – Camping Equipment for Outdoor Hiking, Fishing Emergency Outage

  • LONG RUNTIME, runs with batteries. 37h runtime for the lamp, 50h or 30h runtime for the fan depending on which mode, 16h runtime for both together
  • SEPARATE or SIMULTANEOUS. Lamp and fan can be used simultanesouly or separatedly. The fan has low and high running mode
  • LEIGHTWEIGHT. Only 537g.
  • BRIGHT. Due to 18 LEDs bright enough for reading in the tent
  • ADJUSTABLE. For standing or hanging with integrated hook, can be adjusted in many directions

A clever combination of lantern and fan for hanging or standing, with only a bit over 500g very lightweight. Runs with batteries and reaches running time over 30h in average. Not only in your caravan or tent, but also when fishing, at home on your terrace or in your garage(workshop, atelier etc, where we used to have it and spending lots of time there). Wherever you are this lamp lights up the darkness for you!

1.Open the battery compartment by turning the anti-clockwise until the notches are in-line and lift upwards remove the top. Then open the compartment lid and insert 2×1.5v D Size Alkaline batteries in the correct polarity. Once the batteries have been inserted replace the lid and top. When replacing the top make sure that notches are in-line and then turn clockwise to lock into place.
2.To activate the light turn the switch to the ON position. To activate the Fan turn the switch to the required fan level(Low or High)
3.When the batteries are exhausted please remove them from the battery compartment and dispose of them at your nearest battery recycling point.

Warnings & Cautions
– Do not stare in to the head of the light while it is switched on or point the LED’s at anyone’s eyes.
-Do not expose the torch to heavy rain or excessive moisture
-Do not mix different battery types or brands i e Alkaline and re chargeable.


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