25m Suction Hose 1 Inch (25mm) with Spiral Reinforcement – Made in Europe

  • Black, flexible, high restiant against UV-Light, free of carcinogenic PVC.
  • Wall Thickness 2.8mm with 180g/m and a Bending Radius of 125mm.
  • Perfect for a pressure free delivery of Pond Water, Length 25m of -5°- 60°C
  • Tube is usefull as waste hose for Carvans und Camping.
  • The product is manufactured by a leading hose producer in Italy.

The flexible suction hose made of PVC is reinforced by a spiral made of solid PVC.
The suction hose can even be used without any problem as a pressure hose and is perfectly suited for the connection to our pond pumps and domestic waterworks.

High-performance scope:
• Drainage of the cellar
• Lowering of ground water
• For the use on ships
• For emergencies in case of flooding
• Pond cleaning

Special features:
• Free of DOP (dioctyl-phthalat)-containing plasticizers
• Free of lead
• Free of cadmium
• Excellent UV resistance
• microbial growth not possible
• resistant to hydrolysis

The hose´s range of temperature is between -5°C and +65°C, the surface is slightly ribbed and the diameter is 25 mm (1″). The hose measures 25 m of length.

Lowest Price: £19.15
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