10A solar panel charge controller / regulator 12/24V for camper / caravan / boat (up to 10 amp or 160W solar input)

  • Powerful 10A 12V/24V solar charge controller for any solar application: vehicles (motorhome, caravan, camper), boats, yachts, off-grid solar systems and more
  • The controller uses PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology which increases charge acceptance, prolongs battery life and can recover some lost battery capacity. Various types of batteries supported: sealed, gel, flooded, user-defined (Default is sealed. Other battery types can only be selected using one of the communication methods listed below in the description)
  • Multiple connectivity options (remote meter, mobile app, PC software – see below) enable the user to monitor and program charging parameters, personalise load settings and access exclusive settings
  • Full set of electronic protection functions such as reverse current, over charging, discharge, over heating, short circuit etc.
  • Can be used with solar panels up to 160W (12V battery ) or 320W (24V battery). Scroll down to Product Description for more information about this product.

This 10A 12V/24V solar charge controller protects batteries whilst charging them, with automatic cut off to prevent over-charging and deep discharge. This controller stops reverse current at night (from the battery back to the panel) and has many other protection functions such as over load, short circuit, overheating etc.

Compatible with sealed, gel and flooded batteries (the default is sealed) or a user-defined battery (battery type can only be selected using methods listed below). Accepts up to 160W (12V battery) / 320W (24V battery) of solar input.

Advanced communication technology also enables the user to monitor and program parameters for the controller through various methods:

1) Connection of a remote meter with LCD screen (product code: MT50), which allows the user to monitor/adjust parameters and load settings
2) Connection to a Wi-Fi module (product code: EBOX-WIFI) to create a Wi-Fi network, in order to monitor or adjust charging parameters and controller settings through our free mobile Android app
3) An RJ45 to USB cable (product code: PTR-USB) can be used to connect the controller directly to your PC / laptop, where parameters and settings can be monitored and adjusted via our free Windows software
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Using one of these communication methods, the user will gain access to parameters such as voltage, current, battery SOC, min/max voltage and more. If required the user can amend the battery type / capacity, personalise each charging stage, create a battery type with parameters specific to their battery, personalise ‘load’ settings and more.


– Current: 10A
– Auto 12/24V selection
– Input voltage: < 50V
– Temp.sensor (-3mV/°C/2V)
– Consumption: < 8.4mA
– Size: 14 x 7 x 4 cm, 130g

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